Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags are both attractive and functional. Draw additional attention to your brand by including a sample or promotional item in the Goodie Bags. These bags are handed out to every retail member who attends the ATA Trade Show and can be seen over the shoulder of retailers throughout the show. Sponsorship cost is $595 per insert (must provide 3,200 pieces) or $2,800 per logo (on outside of bag, limited quantity).

Add your branded custom luggage tag or water bottle to the outside of every bag. Cost is $3,400 (sponsor must provide 3,400 luggage tags or water bottle). Contact Becky Lux for additional details.

Inserts must be received at the ATA office in New Ulm, MN by 11/30/18. Graphic logo files must be received by 8/15/18.

For more information contact:
Becky Lux
Senior Manager
Call: 866 266 2776 ext. #102